National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Scheme of Government of India. It is a voluntary association that provides youth across educational institutions the opportunity to take part in government led community service activities and programmes. The central aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.

With its strong commitment to the NSS motto ‘Not Me, But You’, the NSS unit of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (NSS-DCAC) strives to instil among its volunteers the value of democratic living, equality of opportunity and selfless service towards those less privileged than themselves. NSS- DCAC aims to develop in its volunteer’s dedication towards community service based on a sense of social justice and welfare, thereby preparing them to become agents of social change.

All NSS volunteers who serve NSS for at least 2 years and complete 240 hours of work are entitled to a certificate from the Vice-Chancellor and the Programme Coordinator, University of Delhi.

NSS-DCAC has reached out to different sections of society with their on-going projects :-

Project TanZeal

Project TanZeal is not only something which offers opportunity to underprivileged kids, it is rather more about giving a chance to the society to contribute something back to those in need and those who have been left behind during the growth of others. Project TanZeal bestows upon each one of us a golden opportunity in the sphere of education; to educate those who are deprived of it, to guide them, to inculcate zeal into their dreams and turn them into a reality. Likewise, the beautiful impoverished children we teach under Project TanZeal, have the ambition and enthusiasm in them to dream, and are determined to turn them into reality. “Servicing back to the society is not merely our duty but also our passion and responsibility."


Heads Sub-Heads
Anubhav Tyagi D Janani
Simmi Roy Kritika Girdhar
Abhishek Verma

Project Sensitization

Sensitization, as the name suggests, is the means to induce sensitivity. You see, people respond to every trigger differently based on their conditioning, thought process and level of education. Sometimes, those responses are just not acceptable. If an aunt talks about how shameful it is of a girl to wear jeans, it is totally unacceptable. She is not only encroaching on a person’s right to choice but is also setting a wrong example for your cousin, right? So, is she a bad person? No! She just wasn’t conditioned right. And we can change this by educating her. It is a long-term difficult process but not impossible. In India, the underprivileged people are the ones who strongly need to be sensitized. Project Sensitization does just that! Through our events and activities, we aim to ‘educate’ people; that involves a shift in mindset. Our activities involve visiting underprivileged kids, organizing camps, teaching them in the comfort of their own homes and making sure that they have fun in the process. Although COVID-19 has been a huge road block, we haven’t stopped and have tried to jump over the hurdle. We took to the online mode and flooded our Instagram page with awareness inducing content. It includes videos and posters on less-known government schemes for the underprivileged, drug abuse, elderly abuse, women empowerment, mental health during the pandemic and others.

Heads Sub-Heads
Isha Sharma Khushi Jain
Ishika Garg Jay Agrawal

Project Clean & Green

Project Clean & Green thrives on the principle of bringing a difference by being the change we aspire to see in others. Here, volunteers come up with ideas of thinking wide and rethinking the mundane to add value to the environmental abode. From decoding waste to growing vegetables at home, Project Clean & Green has left no stone unturned even in constraints of four walls and physical warmth.

Heads Sub-Heads
Sweta Panwar Sejal Arora
Anvi Jain

Project Art & Craft

Creativity is the natural order of life. When words fail, art speaks

. Art and craft are the terms every single one of us is aware of. More than just a project, it is an expression that connects societies in our NSS. It is a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of art and craft. Our responsibility is not only to add colours to all events but to make them more memorable and brighter which is a treat to the eyes and the soul.

Aadya, the socio-cultural festival that gives numerous NGOs a chance to display their talent and insight is one of the much-awaited events of the year. The volunteers showcase the elegant art work created by them in the premises, adding colour to the campus in all events, ceremonies, freshers party, farewell etc.

Heads Sub-Heads
Umang Kumar Singh Anamta Nizam
Ananya Barman

Even the global COVID-19 pandemic could not deter them from their commitment to the ethos of NSS. The NSS-DCAC unit conducted a number of activities and seminars with guest speakers, webinars and raised awareness about social, environmental, educational and health issues such as Corruption, Menstrual Hygiene, Road Safety, Deforestation, Mental Health, Yoga, Vigilance Awareness Week, Donation Drive for Diwali, National Youth Week, Republic Day, Independence Day, Martyr’s Day, World Cancer Day, National Road Safety month, Blood Donation Drive and International Women’s Day etc.

We at National Service Scheme Unit DCAC can proudly say that we believed, we initiated, and we made a difference. A couple of years back, from a humble beginning with selected volunteers dedicating their time towards making the world a better place, NSS Unit DCAC is now a powerful workforce running on the same principle.

Programme Officer President
Ms Neeru Ailawadi Ms Ramneek Jain

Vice-President - Gursahib Singh Batra
General Secretary - Geetanshika Verma
Treasurer- Purab Gandhar