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The Cultural Society of DCAC consists of seven societies which are operating under the cultural Committee, namely, Debating Society (Debsoc), Dramatics Society (Leher), Music Society (Dastgah), Dance Society (DriftUp), Photography Society (Clicks), Quiz Society and Fashion Society ( A brief write up about these societies is as given below:

The Fashion Society

Fashion has been an integral part of college life for the students of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The college fashion society, STYLUS.Inc, has been making its presence felt in Delhi University for past 18 years and is instrumental in defining new fashion trends every year. :

STYLUS is among the top-ranked fashion societies in Delhi University today, with numerous awards to its name. It is a perfect platform for students to put their fashion acumen to productive use and develop a nuanced understanding of ramp walk qualities of poise, panache and vivacity. The society dominates fashion in colleges across Delhi University, given its best costumes and charismatic models with amazing ramp presence. :

STYLUS has represented DCAC at prestigious platforms like Youth Nexus, Oasis (annual fest of BITS, Pilani), and Indian Institute of Technology at Jodhpur and Delhi etc. The society’s biggest achievement was when it bagged the first position in 2012 Youth Nexus. Also, STYLUS has won prizes for six consecutive years at Oasis, BITS Pilani. :

STYLUS is covered every year by prestigious national and local publications like HT City, DU Express and DU Beat. :

The Dramatic Society

'LEHER', the Dramatic society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, was founded in December 2013 with an aim to bring social awareness in playful settings where one could enact, sing, dance and write scripts. Leher started as a street play production in the Delhi university theatre circuit. Today, it is a recognized dramatics society known for its street plays as well as stage productions. :

Every member of the dramatics society knows that drama is no exaggeration of feelings but a way to showcase reality, to strike a chord with audience and spread awareness about challenging social issues that confront our environment. Drama is more than a band of actors performing on stage and it is more than techniques, improvisation, mime and movement. When an actor plays a character, she lives it in flesh, blood and bones with an appropriate get up and a body language with matching voice and dialogue delivery for the audience to see and believe. The actor thus creates a living being that the audience can relate to as an individual, an entity as endearing, repulsive or thought provoking as anyone they see in real life. :

For the theatre troupe, the whole process of creating new plots and new characters or making new interpretations about existing acts helps them put their creative stamp for the public to see and appreciate. It also boosts their self esteem and they learn to function as a team, learning about cultural perspectives from each of the members of the team. This trains them for life as they learn empathy and identification with social groups and causes. They also learn to contribute via their individual creativity and imagination to create a wholesome process of constructive thinking and action to bring peace and progress in our society. :

Lehar has been staging their various theatrical productions and has won laurels for DCAC at various platforms. :

The Music Society

Dastgah, the music society of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, was formed in 2015 by a group of enthusiastic second and third year students who wanted musicians in the college to come together to discuss and play music. The college famous band Knight Shades were part of the founding team. The society made its debut in 2016 in acapella event in the festival Tarang, hosted by Lady Sri Ram College, where our instrumentalists won prizes for their solo performances. :

Our Indian music society members performed at various places and colleges across DU for preliminary rounds. The strong bonding between members and their passion of making wonderful music has led the society to form a multi-genre band, which is likely to perform in Delhi in the Delhi University festival season. :

Concurso: The Quiz Society

With a current strength of 23 students, the aim of Concurso: The Quiz Society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is to “Stimulate an interest in and an understanding of the importance of academically-oriented general knowledge.” ‘Consurso’ as the name of the society suggests, aims to ignite the feeling of competition amongst students as they believe that quizzing is not a hobby but a habit. With a culture of regular mock quizzes and practice, it is regarded as one of the most formidable Quiz Societies in the University of Delhi and has many laurels to its name. The DCAC Quiz Society has won several competitions across colleges of the Delhi University. :

With a mission to make the habit of quizzing inculcated in the students of the college and also to increase the intellectual temperament, the members of the society keep organizing quizzes on various themes throughout the year. The quiz society also organizes quizzes in collaboration with the other departments of the College as part of their Annual fests. :

The Debating Society

The Debating Society of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce aims to create a space for civilized engagement in constructive discourse. We endeavour to provide a platform for ideas to be discussed in a non-partisan environment that allows young leaders of tomorrow to develop a strong foundation in issues that concern our world. In the year gone by, we have been able to establish ourselves in the Delhi circuit of Parliamentary Debating as an upcoming society with a lot of potential. The performance at various competitions, both local and national, has been consistently brilliant. We have managed to become a recognized contingent at premier institutions across the country because of the numerous conventional debates that our members have won. In 2017, the society organized the first edition of Mukalma, their own Parliamentary Debate Tournament, which witnessed huge participation from teams across the city. We put a conscious effort to ensure that not a single day passes without us spending a few hours debating after classes. Different colleges from the city have helped by participating in the debating sessions that we hold in college every day after class. Now that the big ones recognize us as a formidable force, our vision is to become one of the biggest debating societies in the circuit in the coming years. :

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