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To address any kind of grievance faced by students of DCAC from Northeast India.
To facilitate understanding between students from Northeast and other parts of India who are studying in DCAC.
To enhance and provide knowledge/information regarding Northeast to other students who are keen on doing research or project on northeast.
Encouraging students and teachers to visit and know more about northeast to enhance peaceful coexistence and harmony.

Interaction between northeast students and the principal from time to time.
Interaction between students from northeast and other parts of India.
Participating in various programs of northeast in Delhi
Giving counseling to any students who are having difficulties in coping up with cultural differences

The cell has also made an effort to set up a mini-museum in the college where artifacts, cultural items, historic places, portraits of eminent personalities, photographs of tourist spots in northeast are displayed. Students from other regions can come and learn there about the region. It serves as a virtual tourism for those who cannot afford to go to Northeast.



Name Designation Mobile No. Email-ID
Mr Jeremiah Pamei Nodal Officer 9953029135