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Sr No. NAME Designation Profile
1 Dr. Tarjeet Sabharwal Associate Professor Profile
2 Ms. Aakriti Kohli Assistant Professor Profile
3 Dr. Neha Jingala Assistant Professor Profile
4 Dr. Amarendra Kumar Aarya Assistant Professor Profile
5 Dr. Devender Bhardwaj Assistant Professor Profile
6 Dr. Pallav Pathak Assistant Professor Profile

Since its inception in 1989, the Department of Journalism has been a pioneer in journalism education and practice in the country. The Department of Journalism consistently ranks among the top ten institutions/ colleges for Mass Communication and Journalism.

Considered as the fourth-pillar of a democracy, Journalism plays a crucial role in creating a well-informed citizenry. The Department of Journalism offers the undergraduate course of BA (Hons.) Journalism as well as many General Elective options for students. The syllabus is a focused blend of inputs on all forms of mass communication including advertising, public relations, documentary filmmaking, print journalism and television production.

The department is committed to providing contemporary and industry-relevant media education to budding media professionals. It nurtures and cultivates professional journalistic standards and a deeper understanding of news by encouraging practical exposure. It strives to realize the premier goals of excellence and knowledge by providing our students with an interface between media industry and academics by providing inputs from eminent media personalities and renowned journalists.

The department has produced illustrious alumni, notable among them being, Rahul Kanwal, Rishabh Gulati, Nalin Mehta, Gautam Roy, Gazala Wahab, Mimansa Shekar, Late Sumegha Gulati, Gursimran Khamba, Manan Rawat, Saloni Bhatia, Bhanu Joshi, Karandeep Singh, Anukampa Freedom Gupta, Shreya Mehta, Ankit Jain, Sadhika Tiwari and many more.

Departmental Activities

The evolution of media forms and concomitant cultural changes has shown us the transformative impact of media institutions. Consequently, it is imperative that future journalists and media practitioners are trained not just in the technical aspects of the profession but also be conscious of political, social and economic contexts to past and current events.

The department trains students in developing a nuanced and holistic perspective on contemporary issues. We are one of the leading Journalism departments in the country, with students from diverse backgrounds joining this sought-after course. We educate journalism's future pioneers in the fields of print, electronic and digital media. The students undergo rigorous training in writing, editing and production of print, television and digital news. They also engage with theoretical and philosophical issues emerging out of media and cultural studies and reflect on them in the form of essays and term papers. The students also undergo extensive training in other fields of mass communication. Our students go on to work in the fields of journalism, advertising, public relations, documentary filmmaking, graphic designing, academic research, among others.

Our experienced and professionally accomplished faculty lays the foundation of journalistic ethics and excellence, and trains our students in innovative practices and rich media scholarship. Every year the Department of Journalism organizes its annual festival SCOOP and also brings out Critique, the annual newspaper brought out by the students of the department. Panel discussions, interviews, photography competitions, documentary screenings and street-plays, among others, are held during the festival and see wide participation of students from educational institutions across Delhi.

The Department invites journalists, scholars and academicians every year to deliver multi-disciplinary, relevant and enriching talks. The academic results of the Department have always been exceptional with our students raising the bar and setting new benchmark for brilliance, hard work and dedication. In the last year we have organized various seminars, talks and workshops in the online mode.