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Sr No. NAME Designation Profile
1 Dr. Mamta Kumari Assistant Professor Profile
2 Mr. Aman Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor Profile

The aim of the department is to impart technical knowledge to the students which will help them in shaping their future in this era of technology. Department offers two undergraduate three-year degree programmes; B.Sc. (Hons). Computer Science and B.A program with Computer Application. The Department also offers Generic Elective and Skill Enhancement papers in each programme. The learning environment is made conducive for the students both by the faculty members and the non-teaching staff of the department. The mode of teaching and learning adopted by the faculty members of the department is a blend of presentations, assignments, project works, and class tests.

To offer hands-on training to the students, the department has a spacious air-conditioned laboratory with desktops installed to cater to each student individually. The lab also has document printing and scanning facilities available. To further enhance the teaching-learning process, the lab and the lecture halls are equipped with projectors.

The College offers the following Computer Application courses in BA (Programme):

(a) Computer Application with Accounting and Finance

(b) Computer Application with Operations Research

(c) Computer Application with Mathematics