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Sr No. NAME Designation Profile
1 Mrs. Nalini Goyal Associate Professor Profile
2 Dr. S.K. Pandey Associate Professor Profile
3 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Associate Professor Profile
4 Dr. Mukesh Bagoria Associate Professor Profile
5 Dr. T. Gopal Krishna Yadab Assistant Professor Profile
6 Mr. Krushna Chichuan Assistant Professor Profile
7 Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar Assistant Professor Profile
8 Mr Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor Profile
9 Dr. Shashi Kant Assistant Professor Profile
10 Ms. Ashna Monga Assistant Professor Profile
11 Dr. Kanchan Sharma Assistant Professor Profile
12 Mr. Shashank Tiwari Assistant Professor Profile
13 Dr. Sudhir Kumar Parida Assistant Professor Profile

The Department of Political Science, established in 1987, is consisted of a group of both highly experienced as well as motivated young faculty with great enthusiasm and commitment to the cause of quality education. The vision of the Department, therefore, has always been to nurture the young minds to be better able to grasp the different modes of political thinking; thereby, they would be able to better appreciate as well as examine and interrogate the requirements of political life or collective affairs in the country as well as all the countries and regions of the world. To put differently, it remains a conscious effort of the Department that its students are prepared to think critically and independently, of course, with tolerance for others and concern for the nation which, undoubtedly, would make them active and responsible citizens. The democratic culture in the class rooms and the two-day student-seminars each semester which used to be organized before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the webinars during the pandemic- where the students’ get the opportunity to express themselves intellectually with minimal interference by the faculty- is a testimony of this fact. The department also organizes a series of academic -cum-extra-curricular activities annually-popularly known as the Annual Fest, where our students get the opportunity to showcase their multifarious talents.

Needless to say, Political Science is one of the most sought after subjects for a career in Civil Services- both Central as well as State and many other different careers in the burgeoning private as well as non-profit, non-governmental organizations. As a subject it also qualifies students to choose a career in School, College and University teaching, Research, International Governance, Mass Media, Management and so on.

Activity Report- Department of Political Science

Departmental Activities

1. Farewell- Valedico'20 (Virtual)- 27 August, 2020

2. ‘Orientation program' for Freshers (Virtual)- 05 Dec, 2020

3. Fresher's Program Novato'20 (21 April, 2021)- 21 April, 2021

4. Department Annual Fest - Dissensio'21 (Virtual)- 20-30 April, 2021

5. Farewell - Validico'21 (Virtual)- 24 August, 2021

6. Webinar on 'US Presidential Elections 2020 : Politics and Process' by Prof. K. P. Vijayalakshmi- 3/11/20

7. Webinar - on 'Post Covid World Order and India' by Dr. Rajan Kumar- 30/4/21

8. Webinar on 'Issues and Challenges in the Indian Bureaucracy' by Mr. Yashovardhan Azad (Rtd. IPS) 24/09/21

9. Essay Writing Competition on 'India: Emerging as a global event'- 29/09/21