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Sr No. NAME Designation Profile
1 Dr. K.L. Dhingra Associate Professor Profile
2 Prof. Sujeet Kumar Professor Profile
3 Prof. D.A.P. Sharma Professor Profile
4 Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Associate Professor Profile
5 Dr. Puran Chand Assistant Professor Profile
6 Dr. Rashmi Rawat Assistant Professor Profile
7 Dr. Amita Assistant Professor Profile
8 Dr. Poonam Rani Assistant Professor Profile

To know languages is important for our development but an in- depth knowledge of our own language and literature is like strengthening our roots. Only strong roots can produce a healthy and sturdy tree out of a budding plant. Therefore, it is really important to know, learn and understand our own language and literature. The following choice-based courses are offered to students across all disciplines: Generic Elective (GE), Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) and the Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC).

The College offers the following Hindi courses in BA (Programme):

(a) Hindi with History

(b) Hindi with Political Science

(c) Hindi with Physical Education

Prof. Harish Naval, University of Delhi addressed the students and faculty on Hindi Diwas 14 Saptember 2020.

Activity Report- Department of Hindi 2021 : Clickhere