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Sr No. NAME Designation Profile
1 Prof. Rajiv Chopra Principal Profile
2 Prof. Rajiv Kr. Goel Professor Profile
3 Prof. Anita Anita Professor Profile
4 Prof. Neeru Kapoor Professor Profile
5 Lt. Bhupinder Bhupinder Associate Professor Profile
6 Dr. Bijaya Thakur Associate Professor Profile
7 Dr. Kishor Kumar Assistant Professor Profile
8 Dr. Anuj Jain Assistant Professor Profile
9 Ms. Neha Agarwal Assistant Professor Profile
10 Dr. Sangeeta Gupta Assistant Professor Profile
11 Dr. Shallu Shallu Assistant Professor Profile
12 Ms. Lalita Kumari Assistant Professor Profile
13 Dr. Chandan Kr. Singh Assistant Professor Profile
14 Ms. Kiran Gupta Assistant Professor Profile
15 Ms. Akanksha Garg Assistant Professor Profile
16 Mr. Radheshyam Kalawat Assistant Professor Profile
17 Mrs. Laxmi Laxmi Assistant Professor Profile
18 Mr. Shubham Chavriya Assistant Professor Profile
19 Mr. Prem Singh Assistant Professor Profile
20 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Meena Assistant Professor Profile
21 Ms. Monika Arora Assistant Professor Profile
22 Dr Rohini Baghel Assistant Professor Profile
23 Dr. Manisha Singh Assistant Professor Profile
24 Dr. Pawan Kumar Assistant Professor Profile
25 Mr. Brijesh Yadav Assistant Professor Profile
26 Mr. Ghanshyam Chand Yadav Assistant Professor Profile
27 Dr. Vipra Kapoor Assistant Professor Profile
28 Dr. Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor Profile
29 Dr. Akansha Khurana Assistant Professor Profile


As the volume of business and financial flows has increased significantly and become tedious, gaining professional knowledge has become compulsorily necessary to manage them. The Commerce department provides the required skills to understand and manage these challenges efficiently. The department places emphasis on practical learning through projects, internships, seminars and workshops at field level by experts drawn from both academia and industry. The department is constantly striving to achieve excellence through instilling academic innovation, social and ethical values in students needed to meet the current demands of dynamic entrepreneurial, academic and corporate world.

The Department of Commerce offers the following courses:


1 B. Com (Hons.)
2 B. Com (Prog.)
3 Commerce based course in B.A. Program (Advertising and Sales Promotion and Sales Management)
4 Commerce based course in B.A. Program Human Resource Management with Economics
5 Commerce based course in B.A. Program Accounting and Finance with Computer Application



The Department has well qualified, committed, enthusiastic and experienced faculties specialised in various fields of commerce and management like Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Corporate Law and Marketing Management etc., providing the best knowledge to the students. The entire faculty is tremendously involved and guarantees high performance by the students. They are also involved in writing, publishing and presenting research papers in various national and international high standard journals indexed in ABDC, Scopus, UGC Care list etc., and conferences.



We at the Department emphasize the all-round development of our students. Apart from the course curriculum that is followed, several extracurricular activities such as the Annual Commerce Festival: “COMMFETE” and various, Seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences and faculty development programmes are also organized. It has become pride moment for us that our alumni have, over the years, not only secured ranks at the University level, but also achieved success and positions of leadership in diverse organizations and made DCAC proud. Our students are placed at various renowned organisations like KPMG, EY GDS, PWC, Genpact, Deloitte and Google etc. along with regular internship opportunities for our students.

The Annual fest is organised by Vangati, the commerce association of DCAC. The association aims to be greater in spirit, broader in its outlook and more outgoing and courageous. The motto ‘Expect the Unexpected’ drives the passion among the members and inspires them to establish a distinctive identity. Vangati has also successfully completed the first publication of its annual magazine “VANITRIKA” a work from home journal made with resolve to produce a genuine and well-developed work. Vangati has six active departments like Administration & Logistic, Creative & Art, Editorial, Promotion (PR) & Tech., and Sponsorship & Finance, working on different operations and strives to achieve excellence through a smooth functioning paired with incredibly fresh and innovative ideas from the members.

Activity Report- Department of Commerce 2020 and 2021 : Clickhere

Departmental Activities

The Commerce Association (Vangati)

ABOUT VANGATI, The Commerce Association of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

Vangati is the commerce association of the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The word Vangati is a compound word that is formed by the union of the words "Vani'' a part of "Vanijaya" meaning commerce and ''Gati" a part of "Sangati" meaning association, collectively meaning an association of Commerce. The association aims to be greater in spirit, broader in its outlook, and more outgoing and courageous.


The motto "Expect the Unexpected" drives the passion among the members and inspires them to establish a distinctive identity. The association resolves to seek brilliance and boost the latent potential of the members. The association reckons to stimulate the inquisitive minds to put forth the finest and the most inventive ideas. The organization boasts of having an insatiable team of young and brilliant minds, holding a strong belief in Carpe Diem.

Vangati has also successfully completed the first publication of its annual magazine ‘VANITRIKA’, a work-from-home produced journal made with a resolve to produce a genuine and well-developed work.

The following competitive events & webinars were conducted by Vangati, The Commerce Association of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce:

Vangati Inaugurated its annual fest “COMMFETE 2021” in April 2021 consisting of nine knowledge enriching events and competitions were conducted over 2 days. We received over 100+ registrations in each event from colleges all over the country. Students from institutions and colleges like IITs, IIMs, Hansraj, KMC, RAMJAS, SRCC, HINDU, GARGI, NIFT, BITS, AIMS, DTU, AICTE, SYMBIOSIS PUNE and many more prestigious colleges participated in the various events held.


The events were as follows:-

1. Rule the roost- The case study competition


1. Rule the roost- The case study competition Being a case study based competition; it had three rounds namely; a Quiz Round, a Case Study Round and a Presentation Round. During the Quiz Round, 30 teams were shortlisted which went on to solve the case study and present a solution to it. The Presentation Round was judged by Mr Jayakar Sadagiri, who is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics and a Consulting partner with IILM University (Delhi, Gurgaon and Greater Noida); and by Mr. Abhijit Kirtunia who is an experienced Corporate Development Professional with experience in Merger Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships, Bid management and Transactions Advisory and is currently working as a senior consultant at Novartis.



2. Let’s meme it- The meme making competition


Participants had to submit a self-made meme on any general topic. The top 30 participants shortlisted by the judges were sent to the next round wherein they had to compete at making memes on the given topic on the spot. The results were announced during the closing ceremony.

3. Show Stock-ers– A mock stock event


A Mock Stock event with a twist of OTT Shows was organized on 6th and 7th April.It turned out to be a thrilling event with 2 rounds conducted separately giving the participants an opportunity to measure their acumen in the world of stock market. In the Preliminary Round, the participants had to solve the PDFs and the last PDF contained a Google Form Link, filling which at the earliest, they would get qualified for the next round. In the final Round, the participants had to invest and short sell in the OTT shows every year after analysing the news and rumours provided to them. The participant with the maximum capital at the end won the competition.


4. Fut Mania- The Ultimate bidding war

This event was conducted in 2 rounds: The Preliminary Round and The Final Round on 6th April and 7th April, 2021 respectively. The event was a Football Auction Event which tested the participants’ knowledge on football and football players in the form of a quiz and task of forming a team.

5. Scenique- The biggest photography competition

This event was an entry-based competition. Entries were invited over three themes: Photo tale, Art and The Artist and Replica. Top 3 winners were awarded the prize and Top 10 Participants were also given e-Certificates.

6. Corporate Roadies- The marketing event

The event was conducted in 2 rounds. The Preliminary Round was conducted on 6th April and consisted of a quiz based on business. Out of all the participants, the top 10 scorers made it to The Presentation Round which was held on 7th April where they were required to make a sales pitch on a household item. Goodies were also distributed among the Top 3 teams and the top 10 Teams were given e-certificates.


7. Raagveda- The singing competition


The event was an online Hindi Semi classical solo singing competition in collaboration with Dastgah - The Music Society of DCAC. Video entries were invited and the 12 best entries were shortlisted and presented live in front of the judges- Ms. Anjali Devan and Mr. Ayan Joe on 7th April 2021. The Top 3 positions were awarded with prizes.

8. Imaginarium– poster making competition

Participants were provided three topics to show their creativity. They submitted entries on three topics namely: Budget 2021, Covid-19 and Digitalisation and Pseudo Advertisement. The entries received were par excellence. Prizes distributed among Top 10 Participants and top 100 posters were awarded certificates of participation.

9. Article writing competition

As it is said, ‘Pen is mightier than sword’, this competition was organised to bring out the literary creativity of participants. They were given topics such as Non-Performing Assets, Merger of Public Sector Banks, Browsing at workplace affects productivity, Digitalisation of commerce etc. We were overwhelmed by the response we received. Top 5 articles were awarded and all the participants received participation certificates.

10. We recently organised ‘PICTURESQUE’, a photography plus caption writing competition where we received 100+ entries from colleges such as IIT, Hansraj, TISS, VIT, NIT and many more. The registrations for the event were started from 22nd of august and entries were accepted until 29th of august 2021. The top three winners were awarded prizes.

11. In addition to this we recently organised ‘CHECKMATE’ The Debating Competition, an English conventional debating competition where we received 100+ entries from colleges such as IIM, IIT, DTU, SRCC, Hindu, Ramjas, DRC VIT, NIT and many more. The registrations for the event were started from 13th of September, 2021 and entries were accepted until 19th of September, 2021. The Final Round which was held on 23rd September, 2021. The top two winners were awarded prizes.

Various webinars were also conducted all year round to keep up with the trending topics and give more exposure to its members. Some webinars which were conducted included topics such as:

1. Interactive session on Digitalisation in business by Mr. Neeraj Rai, Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon, India.

2. Interactive session on Environmental Education by Ms. Neha Raghav currently works as a Senior Manager at WWF, India.

3. Interactive session on The Relevance of Consumer Protection Act 2019 by Professor Sri Ram Khanna, Former Dean & Head, Department of commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

4. Interactive session on The Recent changes in monetary policy and banking scenarios in India by Mr Debabrata Das is currently the Assistant General Manager, Member of Faculty, Zonal Training Centre, Reserve Bank of India.

5. Interactive session on Union Budget-2021, Inhouse presentation by Association’s students.

6. Interactive session on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013 by Dr. Rajulben L. Desai Member National Commission for women.

7. Interactive session on Disruptive Innovation by Mr. Manoranjan Ram, Vice President, sales and marketing, SMS India.


8. Interactive session on Credit Ratings in India by Mr. Sudip Sural CEO CARE Advisory Research and Training Limited (CART) a wholly owned subsidiary of CARE Ratings Ltd..




9. Interactive session on Career Opportunities Post Pandemic and Importance of Soft Skills by Prof. Vijay Kumar Shrotryia, Professor, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.


10. Interactive session on Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup and Career & Business Sensing Idea by Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Director (IT & UG), I.T.S Ghaziabad and Prof. Saurabh Saxena, Department of IT, I.T.S Ghaziabad.


Vangati continues to stride forward and promises to bring new and innovative competitions, events and webinars to continue developing its members into all round professionals.