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  • The faculty and students can recommend books and other publications for being purchase by the Library. The list of books requisitioned by the Faculty for purchase should be routed through the respective TICs. The requisitions of students have to be approved by the concerned faculty and TICs. Books approved by TICs are to be considered as approved for procurement and there will be no need to submit the same again to Library Committee for further approval.
  • Library would then check for duplication and place the list of recommended books for financial concordance.
  • Library will then prepare the final list of books and obtain financial sanction for the acquisition from the Principal. The library will place orders to the registered supplier or directly with the publisher for supply of the concerned books.
  • On recommendation of the faculty, Library may purchase multiple copies of books that are in high demand.
  • The books which have been requested by the faculty for procurement, and are not available for purchase through the approved vendors, and very urgently required books by the faculty will be procured online through Amazon and FlipKart. In such procurements, discounts may or may not be available. Sometimes shipping charges are also included and price mentioned in Amazon/ Flipkart on the date of order will be applicable.