About College Library

A college library is a crucial academic resource for both faculty and students. College library boasts a collection of approximately 61,819 books and subscribes to 23 magazines and 13 newspapers. It also provides access to E-resource services through DULS and N-LIST subscriptions, which are accessible remotely. The library is fully air-conditioned, IT-enabled, and under CCTV surveillance. It features separate reading rooms for faculty and students. The library's homepage provides information on library rules, services, staff, timing, Web OPAC, and more. The library is fully automated, utilizing KOHA-open-source integrated software with web-OPAC facilities. It also employs RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for efficient library management. This includes RFID-enabled library cards, a self-circulation desk for quick and easy book borrowing and returning, and email notifications for each book transaction. The library has implemented a Digital entry reader system and D-Space (Digital repository software). These platforms allow faculty, students, and staff to share research work, activities, and events. They also provide remote access to syllabuses, question papers, and journalism projects. It provides software and BRAILLE books to help visually challenged students access their course content.