• Advertisement Society

      We have all 4 aces in our name; we are Adroit, The Advertising Association! Started in 2004, we have always had the zeal to do everything differently. Be it a big Exhibition or a small Seminar. The Association comprises of students enrolled in the BA (Prog.) Eco +ASPM course of the college. However in 2015, due to requests of students of other courses we opened our gates to every dedicated and creative student who wished to join our association.

      The Association aims at broadening the horizons of its students by educating them about the field of advertising and marketing through various activities and events. These include Ad-Mad (making an ad of a product through skit), Pro-Mix (creating a promotional mix for a company’s brand), Ad-Retrocia (designing a print ad in a retro manner) and others. We invite speakers from different arenas of the marketing and advertising world to our college to deliver talks and speeches through presentations and other means, filling the proficiency in the education of the students.

      Through the silence we come roaring in with our efforts to prove what we are. Parivartan, our Annual Fest has something exceptional every year. From professional students literally playing with fire to a spine chilling magical show, we have done it all. Events such as Video Ad-Making, Ad-Rangoli, Ad-Posters, Ad-Debate along with Solo Singing, Talent Show, Solo Dance, Group Dance and many others truly celebrate the existence of Advertising.

      The creative skills of the students are exhibited in our in house Annual Magazine Ad-Verve, circulated in most of the colleges in Delhi and NCR including, JNU, IIT, Jamia Millia Islamia and IP University etc. The Association members pen down their thoughts in an artistic style sheltering advertising and other general topics in short and crisp articles.

      Dr. Neeru Kapoor, the Convenor, can be termed as the mother of the association who has kept the association in discipline and has always boosted the morale of the members, inspiring them to achieve greater heights with hard work and great determination.

      We can be easily reached at and other various social media apps. These include; Facebook/advassociationdcac, Instagram/advassociation, Snapchat/adroit16 and Twitter/advassociatdcac.

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  • Commerce Association


      VANGATI is the commerce association of the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The word Vangati is a compound word that is formed by the union of the words "Vani'' a part of "Vanijaya" meaning commerce and''Gati" a part of "Sangati" meaning association, collectively meaning an association of Commerce. The association aims to be greater in spirit, broader in its outlook, and more outgoing and courageous.

      The motto "Expect the Unexpected" drives the passion among the members and inspires them to establish a distinctive identity. The association resolves to seek brilliance and boost the latent potential of the members. The association reckons to stimulate the inquisitive minds to put forth the finest and the most inventive ideas. The organization boasts of having an insatiable team of young and brilliant minds, holding a strong belief in Carpe Diem

      Vangati has also successfully completed the first publication of its annual magazine 'VANITRIKA', a work-from home produced journal made with a resolve to produce a genuine and well-developed work. Vangati Inaugurated its annual fest "COMMFETE 2021" in April 2021 consisting of nine knowledge enriching events and competitions were conducted over 2 days. We received over 100+ registration from colleges all over the country. In addition to this various webinars are also conducted all year round to keep up with the trending topics and give more exposure to its members. Some webinars which were conducted included topics such as Digitalisation in business, WWF India, Recent changes in monetary policy and banking scenarios in India etc.

      VANGATI will lead to the aplomb ladder of numerous departments which will shrug you up the skies of managing regular financial insights driven by business arenas in hands with economic analysis to marketing gimmicks to quagmire the path for entrepreneurs for their sojourn journey. Let's have a look on the various operations performed by our different departments:


      This department ensures effective and efficient management of the association by planning the structure organization, management of its operations, creating blueprints for the events and managing materials required. It aims at ensuring smooth functioning of the organization and bridge the gap between the working of other departments.


      The members of the sponsorship department are the accountants of the association. This department would identify appropriate corporate sponsorship activities and are responsible for the management of the association's cash flow. They ensure efficient financial management and control necessary to support all the activities.


      Promotion and PR department works to capture the market and construct channels of communications. They institute new ways of setting up a two way flow of information and understanding between the prospective audience and the association. To reach out to the people, marketing strategies are formed by the team, keeping in mind the financial restrictions of the association, and they come up with the most efficient ways to do it.


      Editorial department is accountable for the articles and other written content in the form of a magazine. The write ups of the magazine will give the readers a useful insight about the happenings of the business world like motivational entrepreneurial stories, the ebbs and flows of the economic sphere, marketing, stock markets etc. and also an assortment of stress busters to unwind from the educational realm.


      Creative department is responsible for generating attention grabbing ideas and supporting the other departments in successful accomplishment of the association's operations. The team members are amazing marketing whizzes who can recognise the needs of the prospective audience.


      This department would showcase the efforts of VANGATI through their lenses and bring out their visions in the various divisions of the association. They will capture the essence of the events conducted and present to the audience in a concise and articulate manner.


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  • Cultural Society

      The Cultural Society of DCAC consists of seven societies which are operating under the cultural Committee, namely, Debating Society (Debsoc), Dramatics Society (Leher), Music Society (Dastgah), Dance Society (DriftUp), Photography Society (Clicks), Quiz Society and Fashion Society ( A brief write up about these societies is as given below:

      The Fashion Society

      Fashion has been an integral part of college life for the students of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The college fashion society, STYLUS.Inc, has been making its presence felt in Delhi University for past 18 years and is instrumental in defining new fashion trends every year. :

      STYLUS is among the top-ranked fashion societies in Delhi University today, with numerous awards to its name. It is a perfect platform for students to put their fashion acumen to productive use and develop a nuanced understanding of ramp walk qualities of poise, panache and vivacity. The society dominates fashion in colleges across Delhi University, given its best costumes and charismatic models with amazing ramp presence. :

      STYLUS has represented DCAC at prestigious platforms like Youth Nexus, Oasis (annual fest of BITS, Pilani), and Indian Institute of Technology at Jodhpur and Delhi etc. The society’s biggest achievement was when it bagged the first position in 2012 Youth Nexus. Also, STYLUS has won prizes for six consecutive years at Oasis, BITS Pilani. :

      STYLUS is covered every year by prestigious national and local publications like HT City, DU Express and DU Beat. :

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      The Dramatic Society

      'LEHER', the Dramatic society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, was founded in December 2013 with an aim to bring social awareness in playful settings where one could enact, sing, dance and write scripts. Leher started as a street play production in the Delhi university theatre circuit. Today, it is a recognized dramatics society known for its street plays as well as stage productions. :

      Every member of the dramatics society knows that drama is no exaggeration of feelings but a way to showcase reality, to strike a chord with audience and spread awareness about challenging social issues that confront our environment. Drama is more than a band of actors performing on stage and it is more than techniques, improvisation, mime and movement. When an actor plays a character, she lives it in flesh, blood and bones with an appropriate get up and a body language with matching voice and dialogue delivery for the audience to see and believe. The actor thus creates a living being that the audience can relate to as an individual, an entity as endearing, repulsive or thought provoking as anyone they see in real life. :

      For the theatre troupe, the whole process of creating new plots and new characters or making new interpretations about existing acts helps them put their creative stamp for the public to see and appreciate. It also boosts their self esteem and they learn to function as a team, learning about cultural perspectives from each of the members of the team. This trains them for life as they learn empathy and identification with social groups and causes. They also learn to contribute via their individual creativity and imagination to create a wholesome process of constructive thinking and action to bring peace and progress in our society. :

      Lehar has been staging their various theatrical productions and has won laurels for DCAC at various platforms. :

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      The Music Society

      Dastgah, the music society of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, was formed in 2015 by a group of enthusiastic second and third year students who wanted musicians in the college to come together to discuss and play music. The college famous band Knight Shades were part of the founding team. The society made its debut in 2016 in acapella event in the festival Tarang, hosted by Lady Sri Ram College, where our instrumentalists won prizes for their solo performances. :

      Our Indian music society members performed at various places and colleges across DU for preliminary rounds. The strong bonding between members and their passion of making wonderful music has led the society to form a multi-genre band, which is likely to perform in Delhi in the Delhi University festival season. :

      Concurso: The Quiz Society

      With a current strength of 23 students, the aim of Concurso: The Quiz Society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is to “Stimulate an interest in and an understanding of the importance of academically-oriented general knowledge.” ‘Consurso’ as the name of the society suggests, aims to ignite the feeling of competition amongst students as they believe that quizzing is not a hobby but a habit. With a culture of regular mock quizzes and practice, it is regarded as one of the most formidable Quiz Societies in the University of Delhi and has many laurels to its name. The DCAC Quiz Society has won several competitions across colleges of the Delhi University. :

      With a mission to make the habit of quizzing inculcated in the students of the college and also to increase the intellectual temperament, the members of the society keep organizing quizzes on various themes throughout the year. The quiz society also organizes quizzes in collaboration with the other departments of the College as part of their Annual fests. :

      The Debating Society

      The Debating Society of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce aims to create a space for civilized engagement in constructive discourse. We endeavour to provide a platform for ideas to be discussed in a non-partisan environment that allows young leaders of tomorrow to develop a strong foundation in issues that concern our world. In the year gone by, we have been able to establish ourselves in the Delhi circuit of Parliamentary Debating as an upcoming society with a lot of potential. The performance at various competitions, both local and national, has been consistently brilliant. We have managed to become a recognized contingent at premier institutions across the country because of the numerous conventional debates that our members have won. In 2017, the society organized the first edition of Mukalma, their own Parliamentary Debate Tournament, which witnessed huge participation from teams across the city. We put a conscious effort to ensure that not a single day passes without us spending a few hours debating after classes. Different colleges from the city have helped by participating in the debating sessions that we hold in college every day after class. Now that the big ones recognize us as a formidable force, our vision is to become one of the biggest debating societies in the circuit in the coming years. :

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      The Photography Society

      Clicks, the Photography society of DCAC has been organising photowalks regularly and the senior members in the photography society have taken up the responsibility of teaching the new members and guiding them to increase their photography skills. Most of the workshops are combined with our photowalks in which while clicking and roaming around in the actual places, the students teach each-other about the pre-planned technique on which everyone has been sent the readings a week before. Around half of these photowalks were open for Public, in which different societies and freelancers were invited and the entry was free. :

      Other than the Photowalks, the members are given regular Home Assignment (Because a more than quarter of the year is off in Delhi University, in which most of the members go to their hometown and then the assignments are given. Most of the assignments are theme based like, festivity(Diwali & Holi), seasonal (Monsoon& fall), some technique based (Panning & Zoom Burst). Further, Photography seminars are conducted with the college authorities, in which Famous Photographers come and organize talks and photography sessions for those interested. :

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  • Enactus Society

      Enactus, earlier known as SIFE is an international non-profit organisation that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. It currently operates in 36 countries. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe.

      At Enactus Delhi College of Arts and Commerce we aim to empower backward communities through the positive power of social entrepreneurship and are currently running three projects for the same:

      With Project Vikalp, we aim to harness the stitching talent of the women from the lesser fortunate sections of society. The different kind of bags stitched by these women are then sold through various retail chains, e-commerce sites and stall set-ups. A cottage industry with 15 female entrepreneurs has been set up under the project. They have been trained in various marketing techniques, running intricate machines, financial literacy, and more to run the model independently.

      Under the banner of Project Adhikaar, we aim to provide women a sustainable means of livelihood by training them to become e-rickshaw drivers. Thus, providing a three-fold impact with safety for women in commutation sector, an opportunity to earn a regular income and use of an eco-friendly means of transport. This project has also received the benedictions of our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in the Standup India Event.

      Through Project Cansurvive, we aim to aid the victims and survivors of cancer by addressing the issues of financial crisis, social discrimination and medical problems that come with this disease. We have a prosthetic bra as the unique product in this project. This bra is required by breast cancer patients and our product costs 85% less than its market substitutes and is approved by various oncologists. Various cancer awareness camps are also held as a part of this project.

      Awards and Achievements:

      1. Adjudged as one of the top 5 teams at the Enactus India National Competition, 2016
      2. Recognised and encouraged by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the Stand Up India
      3. Winner, Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership, India
      4. Runners up, ISEED Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2015
      5. Winner, Bluedart Special Competition, 2016
      6. Winner, Enactus Mahindra Rise Special Competition 2016
      7. Winner, KPMG Business Ethics Grant 2016

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  • Equal Opportunity Cell

      The enabling unit-equal opportunity cell has been established in Delhi College of arts and commerce under the merge scheme of 11th five year plan in 2010. Dr. K. Suresh Kumar was appointed as convener of this unit. Since then it has been functioning as facilitator and coordinator for the empowerment of persons with disabilities. It also looks after whether the three per cent reservation is being followed in the admission of the persons with disabilities and also in the appointment of teaching and non-teaching staffs with disabilities. It provides basic barrier-free equipments to the disabled students, procures advanced online resources for them, intimates the disabled students about special scholarship schemes, addresses the problems faced by the disabled students and resolves in various levels. The unit also organizes sensitization workshops and mobility-orientation campaigns for the disabled student in interactive manner by involving their normal counterparts.

      It provides career counseling to the disabled students and almost all of them have gotten recruited in government-banking services since the inception of this cell. The cell is allotted a separate air conditioned room with especially designed washroom for the disabled persons. It has also got 10 personal computers installed with Jaws13.0 talking and screen-reading softwares and 17 netbooks with special screen-reading softwares, one lexic scanner with which, a visually challenged student can scan his or her books. One printer with latest technology is also installed. Besides this, all the basic reading equipments such as angel e-book reader and voice recorder, braille slates, mathematical slates, etc have been procured from national institute of visually handicapped and karishma enterprizes.

      Every year since 2010 the enabling unit –EOC has been organizing its annual cultural fest called justice in the college premise in which eminent speakers were invited to deliver lectures on themes relating to the empowerment of persons with disabilities and also inter-college competitions were conducted for the differently challenged children across the Delhi University.

  • FSE (Friday School of Economics)

      Teaching methodology for under-graduate studentsin the country is confined largely to lecturing and rote learning. While it is essential, it fails to give a flavour of applied knowledge to students. They learn theories only to reproduce at examinations. Sinceeconomics is considered to be a science, it needs some kind of experiments to substantiate their theoretical knowledge, although unlike discipline of pure sciences. So, it requires a platform for young minds to initiate a logical thinking and discussions on the key concepts and theories of economics. These concepts and theories can be applied to solve socio-economic problems of the country.

      Unfortunately, there is no such platform available in colleges which continue to encourage students to think beyond the textbooks on regular basis. Friday school of economics was conceived and founded to fill this gap in studies at under-graduate level. It was set up in 2010 by MrBir Singh, Assistant Professor, in department of economics. Thus far,it has organised various activities matching its vision and goals. It aspires to produce a large number of humane intellectuals, scholars, thinkers, and social scientists who would contribute to building up a peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous human society. Such a society which promotes and respects diversity of religions, cultures, systems; which rewards and respects nobility of human life and the ecology; and which provides warmth and love for global value systems.

      FSE is open to all students of all educational institutions of the capital. Many students from other colleges and technical institutions joyfully and enthusiastically participate in its activities. It has the privilege and honour of organizing lectures by eminent academicians, scholars, and intellectuals in the past few years.

      Links for our handles :

      LinkedIn :

      Facebook :

      Instagram :

      Webpage URL :

  • Gandhi Study Circle

      Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of our nation, is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest moral leaders of all times that the world has seen. For his crusade against injustice and exploitation, firm faith in the principle of truth and nonviolence, Gandhi is the real symbol of Indian ethos and world peace. His ideas and insights, hence, still occupy a relevant and respectful place in the world we inhabit today. Thus, the Gandhi Study Circle of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce aspires to foster among its young minds the spirit and great visions of the Mahatma. To do so, we, at the Gandhi Study Circle DCAC, are proud to have been organizing seminars, quiz, essay and debate competitions, movie/documentary screenings, poster making and observance of Gandhi Jayanti as well as Martyr’s Day.

  • Northeast Students' Cell

      To address any kind of grievance faced by students of DCAC from Northeast India.
      To facilitate understanding between students from Northeast and other parts of India who are studying in DCAC.
      To enhance and provide knowledge/information regarding Northeast to other students who are keen on doing research or project on northeast.
      Encouraging students and teachers to visit and know more about northeast to enhance peaceful coexistence and harmony.

      Interaction between northeast students and the principal from time to time.
      Interaction between students from northeast and other parts of India.
      Participating in various programs of northeast in Delhi
      Giving counseling to any students who are having difficulties in coping up with cultural differences

      The cell has also made an effort to set up a mini-museum in the college where artifacts, cultural items, historic places, portraits of eminent personalities, photographs of tourist spots in northeast are displayed. Students from other regions can come and learn there about the region. It serves as a virtual tourism for those who cannot afford to go to Northeast.

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  • OBC Cell

      In compliance of the UGC’s directives to promote the inclusion of students, teaching and non-teaching staff in Other Backward Classes (OBC), the college established its OBC-Cell in November 2016. The Cell aims to function at the various levels:

      1. To work for the welfare and betterment of students and staff from socially and educationally backward classes, the Cell provides counseling with respect to academic, social, economical and other matters of their pursuance in order to achieve equality, social justice and courage to face the world with dignity.

      2. Dissemination of information regarding reservation policies, and educational benefits like scholarships/fellowships/awards/funds disbursed by State/Central government by providing Links to various State/Central government websites to the stakeholders, primarily students, for availing further information about the same.

      3. The Cell also works with the objective of the proper implementation of reservation policies in respect of admission, and appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff. It also aims at organizing and conducting various remedial classes, short-term computer courses, and formal and informal interactive sessions with the students.

      4. To address the grievances of the students, a Grievance Redressal form is available online. Its hard copy will also be made available at the OBC-Cell desk. A Suggestion Box is installed near the OBC-Cell.

      Dr. Neelam Yadav
      Contact Detail: 9899718261
      Email ID :

      OBC Students Grievance Form : Click Here

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  • PRAKRITI - The Environment Society of DCAC

      The Environment Society of the college was established in 2009 and since then it has been instrumental in involving and engaging the students of the college in creating awareness about and sensitivity to issues related to the environment. The society has over the years successfully initiated new campaigns and strengthening the existing projects with the support of a dedicated team of volunteers. The society works with the spirit ‘Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived.

      Regular film screenings are held for the members of the society to make them aware of the climate change discourse. Nature walks are a regular and a popular event organized by the society, walks have been led and directed by renowned bird watcher Mr. Ranjit Lal and Dr. Bharati Jagannathan of Miranda House. Volunteers regularly attend workshops organized by the Delhi Govt. and TERI.

      Some of the going projects of the society are green railing. The concept involves innovatively using empty PET bottles, painting them and then planting saplings in them. The bottles are then hung in the college premises. The society is regularly involved in organizing clean and green drives in the college and in the neighborhood. Waste paper is recycled in the recycling plant run by the society. Regular essay competition, rangoli, slogan writing and photography competitions based on the theme of nature are organized by the society. Volunteers through campaigns create awareness on issues like SAY NO TO CRACKERS and USE OF ORGANIC COLOURS.

      Members of the society also stage nukaad natak to create awareness on these issues in the jhuggi clusters around the college. To generate awareness debate, and discussions among the students, talks are also organized. Students present papers on issues related to environment.

      FACULTY ADVISOR :       Neeru Ailawadi



      Since SC/ST groups are the most disadvantaged groups in the society, college decided to constitute the SC/ST cell for their welfare. The cell was inaugurated by hon’ble additional district judge Sh. Sanjeev Kumar on the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

      The SC/ST cell aims at redressal of the grievances of these communities. It ensures the implementation of guidelines on reservation policy issued from time to time by UGC and Delhi University.

      The cell also ensures implementation of reservation in admission for SC/ST students. The SC/ST cell organised a lecture on thoughts and philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on 14th April 2016. The lecture was delivered by hon’ble A.D.J Shri Sanjeev Kumar and Dr. Himanshu Roy, Associate Professor. The cell continuously interacts with members of teaching and non-teaching staff belonging to SC/ST communities and tries to resolve their grievances.

      Students Grievance : Click Here

      Composition of the SC/ST Cell :

      1. Mr. Manohar Lal Convener Associate Professor Department of Commerce
      2. Dr. Mukesh Bagoria Co-convener Assistant Professor Department of Political Science
      3. Mr. Kishor Kumar Member Assistant Professor Department of Commerce
      4. Ms. Lalita Member Assistant Professor Department of Commerce

  • The MUN & Youth Parliament Society

      The MUN & Youth Parliament Society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is among the most competitive societies in our college that challenge member students to constantly meet their high standards.

      The society's primary function is to represent DCAC in all Model United Nations and Youth Parliaments organized across the country. The society members choosing to specialize in Model United Nations are trained in Foreign Policy, Procedures and Constitutions of International Bodies like the UN, WTO, BRICS, the EU, NATO, etc.

      Students who have an interest in Indian Politics are trained in Bilateral Agreements of India, Indian Parliamentary Procedures and conduct of National Security Councils. The society is open to both English and Hindi orators while the latter usually specialise in Youth Parliaments.

      The Society also holds open-house training sessions for non-members on a monthly basis and has collaborated with various Departments to organize mock simulations. Former members of the society have pursued degrees in Law, International Relations, Economics, Public Policy. They have also appeared in GMAT & Civil Services Examinations.

      MUN and Youth Parliament Society members excel due to their excellent reasoning and communication skills in group discussions and interview sessions organized by companies for campus recruitments.

  • Vyapaar, E-Cell,DCAC

      About Vyapaar
      The Entrepreneurship Cell of DCAC is an endeavour to exhibit the latent entrepreneurial spirits in young minds and provide them a platform to nurture the same. Vyapaar strives to promote and encourage entrepreneurship by acting as a bridge between the startups and incubators and also by assisting the corporates in hiring quality interns from various esteemed educational institutions. Vyapaar is the biggest E-Cell in Delhi University and one of the most popular Entrepreneurial organisation in the country.

      Vyapaar, Entrepreneurship Cell tries to bring together the entrepreneurial passion to converge on a common platform. To take the legacy of a journey forward that started in 2014, Vyapaar aims to become the biggest platform for all students and entrepreneurs.

      To inculcate the entrepreneurship, leadership and professionalism in students, Vyapaar will continue to host events like E-Summit every year. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs, it will bring together mentoring, consultancy, networking and funding.

      Vyapaar believes that everyone has the capability of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Be it an owner of a roadside tea stall or the CEO of a big company, be it a man or a woman, our belief in entrepreneurship goes beyond these supposed barriers. We make sure to adhere to our values and do everything in our power to promote them.

      Organisational Structure
      Vyapaar as an organisation works under the guidance of Dr Deepti Taneja who is the TIC of Economics Department of DCAC and is led by the President Mr. Aaryaman Bahadur who is a second year student pursuing B.Com followed by the Vice President then the Departmental Heads, Core Team and the team members.

      Our Work and Achievements

      Campaigns :

      1. BE
      Vyapaar decided to launch a marketing campaign BE, to promote and enunciate everyone that Vyapaar believes in. “Dont just exist, BE” is a result for the same. It says that there is a reason for everyones existence, a role to be played. In its campaign #BE, Vyapaar honoured 10 young entrepreneurs in its vicinity and brought forward the unconventional meaning of entrepreneurship.

      2. Entreism
      Vyapaar recently launched its campaign “Entreism” which comprised of various sub-campaigns, one of them being “Entrenari”, in which we aimed at spreading awareness about successful women entrepreneurs who have reached heights no one could have ever fathomed them to.

      Initiatives :

      For the first time in the history of University of Delhi, a college society came up with an initiative like “S.E.E.D” (Student Entrepreneurship Encouragement Drive) wherein Vyapaar inculcated the spirit of entrepreneurship at the grass root level and made them aware of different aspects of entrepreneurship and opened new doors to entrepreneurial career opportunities.
      Through S.E.E.D we sowed the seed of entrepreneurship in more than 3000 students from 25 schools covering 6 cities.

      Events :

      Entreyug 2015
      With Entreyug 2015, Vyapaar organised the biggest event of south campus with a footfall of 3,500+ students by hosting speaker session with eminent personalities like Mr Abish Mathew, Mr Vineet Taneja (Ceo, Micromax), Mr Rajat Jain (Former MD, Walt Disney) etc. Entreyug also comprised of a Startup fair, where 25+ startups marketed their products to the students. It was featured under the top 10 events of University of Delhi.

      Over the Vyapaar has conducted 4 editions of the E-Summit namely E-Summit 15, E-Summit 16, E-Summit 17 and E-Summit Blu. The E-Summit comprises of 3 mini events ( A funding event, Internship fair, various competitions for students). Each year Vyapaar has raised the bar in its Internship fair. Vyapaar has been associated with many top MNC’s such as Aditya Birla Group, Vodafone, India Bulls, Business World, Uber, Oyo, Swiggy, Sharekhan, Nexa, Mobikwik, You We Can, Bookmyshow, Outlook, IDBI Federal, Feeding India etc

      Vyapaar over the years has managed to provide internships to more than 2,600 students and is proud to be a catalyst in the lives of young minds.

      Networking and Acceleration :
      In the past few years, Vyapaar has organised 6 editions of Networking and Acceleration and has seen participation from more than 100 startups.

      Vyapaar has raised funds of Rs 1.5 Cr for 3 startups and has incubated around 12 startups so far. We have been associated with various individual investors and various funding agencies for the same. From 2015 to 2017 Vyapaar conducted Shark Tank sessions to provide startups and opportunity to pitch their model.

      This year, Vyapaar introduced a new concept named Chai Pe Funding where each startup gets two opportunities to pitch their model to a panel of 8 investors and gets free mentorship from a top mentor throughout the event.

      Vyapaar promises to continue with its current endeavours and bring in new initiatives to encourage and support the entrepreneurs of the country.

      Connect with us:




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  • Women's Cell

      DCAC has an active Women’s cell that works for the welfare of the women students, facilitates redressal of their grievances and organizes regular talks on women related issues. Dr. Deepti Taneja is the convenor of the cell and this cell usually undertakes its activities in collaboration with the Girls Common Room as well as the Internal Complaints Committee of the college. Under the aegis of this cell, a Sanitary Napkins vending machine has also been installed in the college in the girls’ common room. Besides this, these napkins are also available with the medical room nurse to safeguard against any mechanical fault that may occur in the vending machine.

      The Women’s Cell in collaboration with the Girls’ Common Room and the Internal Complaints Committee organizes various activities from time to time. Some of the prominent areas where the cell has been active are organizing film screenings, talks and interactive sessions on issues like domestic violence and sexual harassment at the work place, statutory provisions related to sexual harassment and their prevention in the college, gender sensitization and need for attitudinal change, female foeticide and the like. Self-defence workshop as organised by Delhi Police Crime Cell are also being organised in the college.

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