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A fully featured, scalable library management system. Koha library management system includes:-

  • Koha has multiple functionality to complete all size Library.
  • Support Linux, Unix, Windows and MAC operating system.
  • Web based OPAC system allows public to search the catalog in all over the world.
  • Full MARC21 and UNIMARC support for professional cataloguing.
  • Enhance catalogue display using contents from Amazon, Google, Library thing etc.
  • Multilingual and multi-user support.
  • Import catalogue by the power full Z39.50 server.
  • Use power full ZEBRA search engine.
  • Send E-mail & messages for overdue and other notice.
  • Manage online and off line resources with the same tool.
  • Flexible reports generation.
  • Flexible to customize according to your library requirements.
  • Support for z39.50, SIP2, NCIP, EDI.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that facilitates non line of sight identification of items. Implementing RFID system in libraries will aid tasks such as circulation, re-shelving & theft detection, and it has several In short RFID streamlines workflow in the area of self service, books return, shelf management and inventory Tagging.

It has several other important advantages.

  1. Stock management

  2. Improved patron services

  3. Flexibility and modularity

  4. Security

  5. Less time needed for circulation operations

  6. Efficient Inventory management

  7. Reducing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)


  • Patrons will spend less time waiting in check-out lines by using Self Check in - Check out systems
  • Patrons find what they are looking for quickly & easily
  • Reminders for due dates allows patrons to submit borrowed materials in time
  • Use of book drops & return chutes for returning library material, allows for flexible timings
  • RFID enabled patron cards allows for easy patron identification

  • Gate Detection System.

  • Staff Circulation Station.

  • Self Check in/ Check out Kiosk.

  • Book Return Station.

  • RFID Tags.

  • Smart Cards.