About Library Staff and Duties

S.No. Name Designation Duties
1. Ms. Poonam Rani Officiating Librarian Library In-charge of all library related issues.
To control and supervising the administrative jobs in the library. .
To allocate the library budget in different heads. .
To prepared duty chart of subordinate staff of the library.
To arrange quotation/tenders for library material. .
In-charge of purchasing section of books. .
To keep a record of weeded out of books etc. .
To supervise the library funds and check the Books and Periodicals bills. .
To supervise all the library section time to time. .
Supervising the Physical verification of books and library acquisitions, classification & cataloguing with the assistance of subordinate staff.
2. Mr. S.N Tripathi Semi Professional Assistant Check dusting and shelving related to library attendants and report to Librarian weekly. Assisting users with book searches. Duty at Circulation Counter/Exit Point in the absence of concerned person
3. Mr. Dharmanand Library Assistant Library maintenance which involves checking the electricity, toilets, replacing broken furniture and keeping the library clean, among things. Assisting users with book searches. Duty at the Check point/ Circulation counter in the absence of the concerned person.
4. Mr. Amit Gulati Library Assistant Responsible for circulation counter which includes charging and discharging of books, Reservation of books, sending the reminders for overdue books and maintenance of circulation statistics. Maintain records of Syllabus, Calculation of all library visitors from visitor’s register. Sorting and Lifting of books from circulation counter and its surrounding Area. Daily backup of Library Software.
5. Ms. Kavita Library Attendant Duty at Librarian Room, Performing secretarial jobs (Typing, diary, dispatch, maintenance of files and records).Classification of Books and maintaining the Shelving/ Dusting of books/furniture in the allocated area. Pasting, stamping and completion of books. Maintenance of computers.
6. Mr. Brijesh Pal Library Attendant Responsible for Acquisition of library books in technical section and data entry of books, Shelving/ Dusting of books/ Cleaning of furniture at e-resources and technical section and old stack hall at first floor. Binding work, Pasting, stamping and completion of books.
7. Mr. Anish Sahani Library Attendant Responsible for Reference Section, Entry of Periodicals and Newspapers. Arrangement of all periodicals which are lying on reading table near Periodical section. Pasting, stamping and completion of books. Responsible for Reference Section (Question papers, Journalism Research Projects) Dusting of books /furniture in allocated area. Maintain silence at First Floor. Performing the administrative work from other sections. Maintenance of computers.
8. Ms. Beena Devi Library Attendant Duty at Property Counter, Entry of Books in Accession Register. Dusting of books/ furniture of stack hall, Circulation counter, Property counter, Display Stand & OPAC. Pasting, stamping and completion of books. Diary and Dispatch work.