Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Welcome to Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The OPAC allows you search for an item of your choice in Library holdings. The library provides information about its collection through OPAC. Two OPAC terminals are available in the library in the stack area and one terminal is in reading room.

The records are searchable by

  • Title
  • Author's name
  • Through subject
  • Publisher's name
  • Classified

The detailed instructions are provided in the PDF “Steps to Follow” for using the OPAC module to make them more expressive/understandable to the users.

Steps to Follow-

Step #1

User needs to click on the OPAC module icon available/visible on the desktop monitor screen.

Step #2

The screen with Identification Number and Password options will appear. User needs to fill in details as-

Identification Number: 14033017
Password: Please Enter Key two times

Step #3

OPAC module screen with “Members Facility” option appears on top of the screen.

User needs to perform mouse hover on “Members Facility” . Various options are listed. User then needs to click on OPAC (Search)

Step #4

User needs to click on the “Quick search” button visible on the screen.

Step #5

Quick Search screen appears. It allows fast and accurate retrieval of data through various access points.

Step #6

User needs to select the desired language from the “Language” dropdown. For example- English or Hindi, and etc.

And select the search value from the “Select field to search” dropdown. For example- Title or Author, and etc.

Step #7

Type the title or the author’s name in the search field. When more than one record meets the search criteria, a summary list of titles/authors is/are immediately displayed. The user can select the relevant record and look at complete details of the selected record.