Departments of German

German in Undergraduate degree courses: Since 1997 DCAC offers German as one of the disciplines in B.A. Programme. With the arrival of CBCS skill enhancement course (SEC) in German was also introduced in B.A. Prog. in 2016. Apart from that Generic Elective (GE) German for B.A. Hons. Students was also introduced in 2015. There is permanent and guest faculty in the college to take care of these courses.

In the 1st and 2nd years of B.A. Prog. the emphasis is on learning the basics of the language and applying the same for oral and written expression. In the 3rd year the emphasis is on reading and interpreting small literary texts that provide the students a glimpse into the history of Germany or famous works of well known authors. At the same time students have to acquire and polish translation skills as well. For this purpose contemporary texts or texts from magazines and newspaper are selected. SEC has given the students an opportunity to learn German by means of poems, songs and films. GE German course on the other hand tries to teach basics of the language and develop the interest of students who are otherwise pursuing an honours course.

Faculty Members

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1. Ms. Renu Sharma Assistant Professor Profile