College Alumni Report

  • Report of 1st Alumni Meet

      This New Year we are making use of this occasion to inform that the College has taken steps to form the Alumni Association. You can visit the college website and register by filling up the Alumni Registration Form. Please forward this message to your batch mates and other college friends if you are in touch with them so that they may give information about themselves to us. In case you have any old pictures of your College days, we would like to have copies of them for our records and use.

      Students of the erstwhile G.D. Salwan College (the entire staff of which became part of the present college and whose academic and administrative records are maintained by D.C.A.C.) are also welcome to join the Alumni Association.

      The first D.C.A.C. Alumni meet was held at the college premises on Sunday, 27th February 2011. The function started at 4:00pm and included a cultural programme followed by dinner. The Alumni Annual Meet will be held usually on the last Sunday of every February.

      We are sure that you will love to make use of this opportunity to meet your old friends and teachers. All of us have nostalgic memories of college days.

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  • Report of 2nd Alumni Meet

      In continuation of the First Alumni Meet which was held on 27th February 2011, Sunday, in the college with the cooperation of the college principal, Dr. M.S. Rawat, Dr. V.K. Sharma and other staff members (both teaching and non-teaching). The first students? Alumni Managing Committee was formed on 04-05-2011, having Mr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma (President), Mr. Shefali Mitra (Vice President), Mr. B.B. Sharma ( Vice- President), Mr. Anil Kumar Mittal (Gen. Secretary), Mrs. Preeti Pahuja and Ms. Sarita Rawat (Joint Secretaries).

      In the next meeting held on 26-09-2011 in the college, the Alumni Managing Committee co-opted other members of the Managing Committee namely Mr. Sat Narian Goel, Mr. Raja Ram, Mr. S.K. Gupta, Mr. Yogesh Sehgal, Mr. Gulshan Ahuja, Mr. Arun Bansal, Mr. M.K. Chauhan, Mr. Prahlad Rajput, Mr. Paras Dua, Mr. Ayash Chauhan, Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Mr. K.K. Saras, and Mr. Rajinder Kumar.

      Each Managing Committee member has been advised to spare their time to assist the College Alumni (i) to motivate known Alumnus to register (ii) to arrange sponsors for Alumni activities along with advertisements for the Directory Publication.

      Next meeting of the Working Committee was also held on 07-12-2011 in the college and on 24.12.2012.

      The 2nd College Alumni Meet was held on 26-02-2012, Sunday from 4:00pm onwards, where more than 200 Alumnus enjoyed the evening in the College along with Dr. S.C. Shukla (first Principal of DCAC), Dr. M.S. Rawat (College Principal), Dr. K.L. Dhingra (Co-ordinator), Mr. Manohar Lal, Dr. Neeru Kapoor, Dr. V.B. Singh, Mrs. Subodh Sharma, Dr. Amar Dev Sharma, Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar, Dr. Anil Chauhan, Dr. Tarjeet Sabharwal, Dr. Surbhi Dahiya, Ms. Geetanjali Kala, Mr. Y.K. Ranjan, Mr. Ram Singh, Mr. Dharmanand, Mr. D.S. Bisht, Mr. Jari Singh, Mr. S.S. Rawat, Mr. Jeet Singh, Mr. Pappu, Mr. Rakesh, Mr. Mansa Ram, Mr. Samar Bahadur, Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Chowkidar on duty) enjoyed the evening with Music, Dance, Fashion Show, 3 Lucky draws, snacks and dinner.

      This event was fully covered by Doordarshan and telecasted on 02-03-2012, Friday in its ?Evening Live Show? between 5 to 6 P.M. It was made possible through the sincere efforts of Alumni President Mr. Bharat Bhushan and Vice-President Mr. B.B. Sharma.

      In the time to follow in 2012, Alumni proposes to have Online Registration.

      Mr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Alumni President has sent:-

      a) Diwali, Holi and New Year Greetings to the staff and registered alumni through emails and SMS
      b) He has also computerized the registered alumni data
      c) The college alumni email id has been created by the name
      d) Even the photograph of this event was put on the Facebook.

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  • Report of 3rd Alumni Meet

      The 3rd College Alumni Meet was held on 24-02-2013 Sunday, from 4 P.M. onwards where more than 350 staff and alumnus enjoyed the evening. Many staff members like Dr. S.C. Shukla (first Principal of D.C.A.C.), Dr. M.S. Rawat (College Principal), Dr. K.L. Dhingra (President- Staff Association), Dr. M.R. Chhikara, Mrs. Anita, Dr. Neeru Kapoor, Mrs. Subodh Sharma, Dr. Sheela Bajaj, Mr. V.K. Sharma, Dr. Sunjeeb Kumar, Dr. Anil Chauhan, Dr. Tarjeet Sabharwal, Dr. Anuradha Gupta, Dr. M.K. Rathi, Dr. V.K. Tyagi, Mr. S.K. Pandey, Mr. Y.K. Ranjan, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Ms. Neha Kakkar, Mr. B.K. Sharma (S.O.), Mr. Y.S. Chauhan, Mr. S.S. Rawat, Mr. Jeet Singh, Mr. Ram Singh, Mr. Atar Singh and Mr. Mansa Ram were present in the Meet.

      This meet consisted of two events- firstly, Cultural Meet consisting of music, dance and tambola anchored by Mr. Sharad Mathur (college student). Four prizes were won by the Alumnus from the game of tambola. Secondly, to celebrate the D.C.A.C. Silver Jubilee, the Business Meet was held consisting of giving Mementos to former staff of D.C.A.C./ G.D.S.C.

      Dr. M.S. Chaudhary, Dr. Govind Vyas, Dr. Sushma Yadav, Dr. J.K. Goyal, Dr. M. Vats, Mr. I.A. Quereshi were given Mementos as they graced this 3rd Alumni Meet.

      Efforts are underway to deliver the Mementos to the former staff members who could not attend this Alumni Meet. In such Business Meet Audited Accounts copies upto 31st March 2012 were distributed to the Alumnus present in the 3rd Alumni Meet.

      Photographs of the 3rd Alumni Meet will be uploaded on the facebook page of There is a proposal to publish Alumni Directory edited by Dr. K.L. Dhingra.

      Outreach of the Alumni Association

      To maximise the spread of information regarding the events organised by the Alumni Association, an e-mail account was created in December 2012. The existing database of 600+ alumni which existed in hard-copies was saved in the Microsoft Excel format for easy updating in future.

      Several emails were sent to the alumni. The details of the emails sent to them are as follows:

      Database Update

      E-mails were sent to the alumni requesting them to send their details (as per the Registration Form). Those alumni whose email addresses were unavailable with us were contacted via SMS and requested to send their information on our e-mail account. We received responses from many alumni.

      Those whose information was not received were sent individual e-mails and were also contacted by phone. As a result, before the 3rd Alumni Meet we had complete information of 700+ alumni.


      On 1st January 2013, a New Year greeting e-mail card was sent to all the alumni and an SMS was also sent. Along with the greetings, the alumni were also intimated about the date of the Alumni Meet dinner in February.

      Cricket Match

      The Alumni Association successfully organised two cricket matches one between the Alumni and the Faculty and another between Alumni and College Cricket team. Participation from the alumni was requested via e-mail and we received very encouraging response and we were able to timely close the registrations for the match.

      The participants were sent an e-mail to meet each other before the Cricket Match on 23rd January 2013.

      After the match, an e-mail was sent to all alumni sharing the success of the match and also reminding them about the Alumni Meet.

      The participants were sent an e-mail regarding their trophies which they would receive at the Alumni Meet.

      Alumni Meet

      Several e-mail were sent to the alumni regarding the alumni meet. The first intimation was sent in December 2012. Since then we have sent reminders and invitations along with Registration Forms for the meet. On request for confirmation of participation, we received a positive response from close to 400 alumni. Photographs of the 3rd Alumni Meet were also shared with all our alumni via e-mail.

      Sponsorships/ Donations

      A personal message was sent to the alumni from Prof. S.S. Bawa (Alumni Advisor), requesting them to contribute in the form of sponsorship or donations towards the Alumni Association. Contact was also initiated with Radio Mirchi to publicize the event and with our alumni from the Taj Group of Hotels. We also contacted Times of India and Hindustan Times for print media publicity. However, media publicity could not be implemented because of lack of funds.

      We received a positive response from an international student and many other alumni. In this regard, the Association sent information regarding the bank details for online money transfer.

      Faculty contact

      The Association has tried to involve all faculty members in the events organised for the Alumni. E-mails were sent to all faculty members requesting them to attend the cricket match. In February, the faculty were sent e-mail invitations along with personal card invitations for the Alumni Meet.

      Other Events

      After the Alumni Meet, the Association has proposed to meet the alumni for a picnic or an outstation tour. Support has been invited from alumni who are part of the travel and tourism industry to help us organise a trip.

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  • Report of 4th Alumni Meet

      The 4th Alumni Meet organized by D.C.A.C./ G.D.S.C. Alumni Association saw an Alumni to encourage participation. The meet started with the Business meet and was followed by an evening of joy under the numerous twinkling lights that adorned the D.C.A.C. campus.

      The meet was well attended by more than 300 Alumni ranging across various batches and various parts of the country and outside the country. Alumni right from the first batch of 1973 to the most recent batch were present.

      The occasion was graced by Mr. Surender Khanna, former Indian cricketer. Mr. Khanna very enthusiastically shared his life?s experiences with the Alumni. Mr. Dhruv Gupta of the 2000 batch of B.A.(Hons.) Economics, who is now an IPS officer was felicitated by the Alumni Association. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Gupta fondly recollected his memories of the days he spent in D.C.A.C. and also shared his on-job experiences.

      The Cultural meet included melodious singing and electric dance performances by the students of D.C.A.C. The meet was also attended by many current and retired Faculty Members of various departments of G.D.S.C. and D.C.A.C.

      Great bonhomie was observed everywhere with old students reliving their old memories with their batchmates senior and juniors. In all the ambience was electric with people seen chatting and dancing in groups.

      The Meet ended with promise to meet again next year and everyone bid emotional farewell to each other and their beloved College.
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  • Report of 5th Alumni Meet

      Sunday, March 1st, 2015 saw the 5th Alumni Meet of DCAC in the College Auditorium. From this year onward Alumni Meetings, Functions, Messages will be sent only by email and mobile SMS- Hence update your email ID, mobile numbers at the college Alumni The programme was a fun filled affair and was enjoyed by all. The meet, after greeting and welcoming all the guests started with a condolence prayer for Mr. Bharat Bhushan, the first Alumni President who had passed away the very morning and had always been an important part of the Alumni ceremony over the years. We then proceeded to welcome our esteemed guests, felicitating our principal Dr. Rajiv Chopra, Professor S.S Bawa and the Alumni President Mr. Sahil Wadhwa. After their wise words, a welcome kathak dance was performed by a first year student of the college, Ms.Bharti Chikara. The Alumnus appreciated and enjoyed the dance, after which we had an enactment of college life in a small play by some very talented students of our college. The Alumnus were not only the audience but also very much part of the interaction in the party. The anchors of the Meet engaged them in conversations and games related to their college memories, taking them back to their college days. These games included questions and answers, dance and more. The programme then had two individual song performances by the students, Ms. Monica and Mr.Kunal, with guitarist Mr. Gyanodaya. The melodious voices of the students with the perfect tunes of guitar mesmerized all Alumni, Teachers, The Principal and all present. Among all fun, frolic and performances, the alumnus not only enjoyed the performances of the college students but also very enthusiastically took part in all the interactions. The finale performance was a group dance on a medley of Bollywood songs, performed by the students. After the aforementioned, a special jam session was organized for all where everyone shook a leg and revived their forgotten college days with their friends. Even 2nd Cricket match between the college staff and college Alumni was proposed to be held on 17th April' 2015 in the College Ground to be inaugurated by Dr. Rajiv Chopra-O.S.D. The dinner was thereafter arranged in the cafeteria of the college and professor Bawa thanked all for coming and gracing the event. The Meet, a huge success with the Alumnus, went on till 8.30 in the night and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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  • Report of 6th Alumni Meet

      The sixth annual alumni meet 2016 was held on the last Sunday of February, i.e. 28th Feb, 2016. It was a cultural evening followed by dinner in which various members of teaching and non-teaching staff made the evening special for the alumni of the college. The Cultural extravaganza by talented students of the college mesmerized the alumni of the college. The governing body members Mr. Kulbir Singh (Treasurer) and Mr. Ramesh Gupta graced the occasion and felicitated the distinguished alumni. Approximately one hundred new alumni registered themselves and were delighted to come to their alma mater and revised the old memory lane of their old college days.
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  • Report of 7th Alumni Meet

      The seventh annual alumni meet was held on 26th Feb, 2017 from 4:00PM onwards. Prof. Sushma Yadav, Prof Indian Institute of Public Administration, former Pro VC of IGNOU, member UGC, was the chief guest on the occasion. The College Student performed classical and western dance , skit (by dramatic society ‘Leher’). It was well attended by teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. The distinguished alumni awards were given to seven alumna’s of the college who are excelling in their respective fields. It was a fun filled three hours show and concluded with dinner.
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  • Report of 8th Alumni Meet

      To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, G.D.S.C./ D.C.A.C. Alumni Association organised its annual meet on 25 February this year. The event was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Rishabh Gulati, an alumnus of the college and Managing Editor of NewsX. The meet started traditionally with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest and was followed by Saraswati Vandana.The occasion was graced by more than 300 Alumni and their family members ranging across various batches from various parts of the country and outside the country as well. Speaking on the occasion, the principal underlined and praised the achievements of the alumni in diverse walks of life. He felt that it was a matter of great pride for the instituion that its alumni are holding positions of responsibility in various Government organizations, PSUs, MNCs, Academic Institutions. Many of them are successful entrepreneurs providing jobs to others as well. He praised their contribution towards the growth of their Alma Mater and emphasized the need for further strengthening the linkage between the Alumni and current students.
      It was followed by a pleasant observation by our chief guest, Mr. Gulati in which he mentioned the incredible infrastructural development the college has undergone since his time as a student here. A video was played that took us down the memory lane representing each society that makes DCAC what it is today. Notable Alumni were presented with mementos by our principal, Dr. Rajiv Chopra, our ex-principal, Dr. S.C. Shukla and Mr. Amit Saxena, the president of alumni association along with our chief guest. The office bearers of the Alumni association welcomed the alumni and their family members in the campus and appreciated their zeal to assemble.
      The Inaugural session was followed by a cultural programme by our students in the back lawn where each society put up their stalls and displayed their achievements. Great bonhomie was observed everywhere with old students reliving their old memories with their batchmates, seniors and juniors. Many of the current students were also seen interacting with their seniors and learning from their experiences. In short, the ambience was convivial with people seen chatting and dancing in groups.
      The event witnessed active involvement of the alumnus, and a number of commendable suggestions and proposals came up. It was decided to strengthen the link between the current DCAC students and alumni for their support to current students in the areas of training, placement, career counseling and any other help. The Meet ended with the promise to meet again and everyone bid emotional farewell to each other and their beloved D.C.A.C/G.D.S.C.
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