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Duration : 3 Months

None of us can deny the importance of media in today's times. We strongly believe that students can play an effective role in the field of media and the Basic Course In Mass Media is our effort in this direction.While this course enables the students to become impressive presenters, it simultaneously helps in overall development of their personalities. By means of this course the students are provided an opportunity to get trained by wellknown anchors,newsreaders,writers,editers and producers associated with various established audio-visual centres,channels and institutions of our country.

From its very beginning, the course has focussed on multidimensional development of students.It has also paved way for their association and internship opportunities with established channels. Further it has also proved beneficial for admissions in media related courses at foreign universities. It has laid the foundation for those students who want to become successful anchors and newsreaders.

Dr. K. L. Dhingra
Basic Course in Mass Media
Mob. 7838662150

Add on Courses in German

Since 2006 the college is also offering one year certificate/diploma course in German. These courses are open to all the students who may/may not be pursuing a degree course from the college or university. The guest faculty recommended by GRS dept. teaches these courses.

While some of students join the courses with a specific purpose of studying or working in Germany, others simply want to learn something new. Most of the students associate Germany with science and technology and industrial development. For those interested in philosophy, literature, theater and history Germany and German language are of great interest. Learning German definitely facilitates the chances of all these students to study their subject in depth. An opportunity to study or work in Germany is a great attraction for all these students.